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Check out the short video above, in which founder Nate Grahek is joined by StickyAlbums customers to share why over 5,000 professional photographers have chosen to use StickyAlbums to boost referrals and increase sales

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Put Your Client's Face on an App

Who doesn't want their own app? Create a custom app for your client and put their face on the app icon. When they open the app, your photos of them are there to browse. Clients love it!

Boost Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Your client will be more likely to share your photos when you give them their own app. And they won't delete the app, since their face is on the app icon

Go Viral

As your app gets shared, you can track how many times each app is being viewed and by how many different people

Compatible with iOS and Android

StickyAlbums In Figures

5,000 +

4,000,000 +

2,500,000 +
Unique Album Views

Your Digital Business Card

Create a branded app for yourself showing off your portfolio, which you can share with potential customers

Show Off Your Brands

Customize each app with your own logo and brand colors. Multiple brands? No problem, you can create a different brand for each of your businesses

Tap to Dial or Email Your Studio

Referrals can call you and email you from within the app

Top Photogs Love StickyAlbums

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