Password Lock Feature for Boudoir Photographers

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Password Lock Feature for Boudoir Photographers

How users can Re-Lock their Albums

Many of you have been asking us to tweak the password lock feature so that albums can be re-locked after they’ve been opened. This is especially important for those of you who shoot Boudoir photography…Boudoir clients are often worried about keeping private pictures private if they lose their phone (or when they let their kids play with it).

We’re excited to announce that

Your clients have the benefit of choosing how to use this feature themselves. If they don’t want to have to enter the password every time, they don’t have to. But if they ever want to re-lock an album, they can simply click this RE-LOCK link at the very bottom of the album.


It’s important to note that passwords can be shared very easily, and your clients need to be aware of the risk they’re taking when sharing an album with anyone.

Feel free to right-click and download this image to use on your own page or to email instructions to your clients.

Please keep the feedback coming.

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One Response to “Password Lock Feature for Boudoir Photographers”

  1. How do I lock it the first time? I don’t see the re-lock button on my ap.


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