iOS 6 Guided Access – Let’s you finally lock your kids into any app.

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iOS 6 Guided Access – Let’s you finally lock your kids into any app.

iOS 6 Guided Access

Anyone with children understands how much our kids love iPhones and iPads. The hardest lesson to teach them is to NOT push the home button every time they open an App. My almost 3 year daughter just said to me the other day… “Dad.. I love to push buttons.” I am pretty sure she fully understood the double meaning too.
While I don’t want this to turn into an argument about how much time our kids spend on media – I will say the extra 45 mins of sleep every morning the iPad is giving me is worth 10x it’s weight in gold.
In the next iOS update we will be able to set very specific limitations – or guided access for specific devices. Not only is this huge for kids – it’s going to be huge for business, like restaurants who want to make sure you stay looking at their wine list, not checking your email. For all of the specifics check out the video below.

And remember – while this new feature will keep your kids locked INTO the apps you want them in. Sticky-Albums also allows your clients the ability to lock them (and others) OUT of a private (Boudoir, etc) sticklyalbum. Learn more here.


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