I’m not surprised, are you?

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I’m not surprised, are you?

This report shows that consumers are spending more time on their mobile than newspapers.


While I am curious how they take into account the news articles people may read on their mobiles – it’s no surprise that the print medium is loosing its dominance. What is still interesting is how much money ads still cost in print.

While newspapers command significant ad dollars, mobile is still an underused touchpoint. Mobile procures more than 10% of adult media time each day, yet less than 1% of ad dollars are spent on the medium.

Part of this I think is due to the inherit production costs of the print medium. Bringing this back to your photography business – there is no denying that there will always be a place for the targeted use of print advertising like business cards, flyer’s, etc.  But at the same time – the digital and mobile medium is providing a much better return on a much smaller investment.


Mobile advertising offers advertisers and brands the unique ability to foster consumer interaction through one of the most personal mediums on the market – mobile.



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